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We have the highest qualified specialists to assess, repair and restore all types of property water damage,

We also liaise with your insurers so it wont cost you a penny for water damage repairs Basildon.

Leak Detection Basildon Essex - Water Damage


Water damage in a property, whether it’s located directly within the water system itself or related to a structural problem, can lead to lot of property water damage over time.

When you call us we’ll immediately make arrangements with you to detect and stop the source or cause of your water damage. If you have already done this, we’ll be able to tell how long it will take for us to clean up and restore your damage to perfect condition…

Leaks often present themselves in unusual ways, for example; a break in a heating pipe situated within a concrete floor could lead to the inadequate function of a boiler, a slow leak inside a wall can show itself by emerging as mould or mildew.

No matter what type of leak AquaKare will identify its location using a number of techniques, including acoustic or thermal leak detection, endoscopy and water and salt analysis to name a few. Once we’ve found the source of ingress, we’ll provide fully guaranteed plumbing, drying, decontamination and repair services to return your property back to it’s normal state in the shortest possible time.

We can also liaise with your insurers to ensure they understand what needs to be repaired.

Most water damage repairs Basildon are covered by your insurance company (please check your house insurance policy).

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