Mains Water Leaks

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There are multiple reasons for a mains water leak, from corrosion to fluctuating temperatures, and a mains water leak can be extremely damaging and costly.

Whatever the cause, our experienced and professional engineers are able to carry out mains water leak detection for your property. We also provide full repair and restoration to your property with minimal disruption. 

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What are the main causes of a mains water leak?

Changes in water pressure:

Water mains can be put under a considerable amount of strain due to extreme surges in water pressure. In the worst case scenarios, water mains can rupture, causing a significant amount of damage. 

Pipe condition:

The older the pipes, the more corrosion prone they can be, particularly if they were installed prior to the 1980s (they could potentially be made from cast iron). Modern-day materials tend to withstand movement better than cast iron pipework, including expansion and temperature changes.   

Recent building work:

Sometimes unavoidable, contractors may accidentally hit or damage the water pipes in your property, which can result in pipe damage and leaking.

Water Damaged floor & wall from water leak

What are the symptoms for a mains water leak?

Puddles of water:

Unexpected puddles of water may be found around areas such as under the sink or the floor surrounding water outlets. You may even see water flooding on the street when there is a burst water mains.

Increased water bill with no explanation:

An increase in your normal water bill is an indicator that there is something wrong. This could mean that you are losing water without even being aware of the issue. 

Low water pressure:

Low water pressure can be a sign of both a mains water leak and also a blockage in the waterline. 

Mains Water Leak Detection

With our leak detection service, we can locate your leak and begin immediate actions in order to stop the cause and then provide aftercare in the form of restoration.

We offer full repair and restoration services, ensuring that your property is back to its original state as quickly as possible. Restoration services may also include drying out the damage, which we use specialist equipment to ensure that the area is dried out efficiently. 

We understand that water damage restoration can be a costly service, which is why we liaise with your insurer directly to ensure that you don’t pay a penny!

Drying Out

Using the best technology

AquaKare use the tastest and highest quality drying out equipment for water damage that is under the floors and in your walls.

Water Damage Repairs

Fast & skilled repair service

We have experienced workmen who can restore your water damaged property to its original state or to your requirements.
Dehumidifiers drying room out after Water Damage

Loss Assessor & Claims

All insurance claims in check!

We have a great track record of handling your insurance claims and working with an insurance loss assessor to give you peace of mind.

Leak Detection

State of the art detection services

We can detect those hard to access leaks within minutes by using various methods of leak detection equipment.

What our Customers say...

Ali Miller
Esher, Surrey
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"The service we have received to restore mums house over the last month has been excellent. The advice I was given, speed of drying out of the property and following through with the repair schedule on time has been exactly what was needed. As you know it was a particularly busy time for us and being able to leave the house in your hands was very helpful."
Debbi & Mark
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"Just wanted to thank you for such a thoroughly professional and affordable leak detection service. From my first conversation with you on the phone I felt reassure that our leak would be located quickly & efficiently. This was then repaired and followed up with advice on the drying processes available to us. Will recommend AquaKare."
Chris Furneaux
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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very professional job from start to finish. Your team were excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend your company in future.”
Melissa Parsons
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“Many thanks for your fantastic service regarding my leaking pipes. Your leak detection company were very quick to assist and Owen's work reflected your company's professionalism. I'll use AquaKare again and recommend your company to friends and family.”
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“The team at Aquakare took care of my insurance works from start to finish, including dealing with the insurance company, which was really appreciated. Works were completed thoroughly and to a high standard. Great job. Thanks”
Cos Fernando
ION Group
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“There are definitely not enough tradesmen like Brian who genuinely care and conduct themselves with integrity. Also, I want to add he was extremely knowledgeable.”
Nicola Duffy
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"Absolutely brilliant and cannot recommend them enough. We had to make a claim on our building insurance after the tenant living above us badly water damaged our kitchen. It was our first claim and we were unfamiliar with the process but Brian and his team were faultless and made a stressful situation more manageable. Very professional, quality workmanship."
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