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"I started AquaKare to look after people that want a more personal and caring service. Dealing with your insurers can sometimes be daunting,
so we take care of it all and make sure your repairs and restorations are
exactly how you want them to be." - Brian Graves 
We have the highest qualified specialists to assess, repair and restore house water damage and all types of property flood damage,  

Call us now, you won't find a more professional company!

Don't let this happen to you..

Claims to repair water damage in rooms or buildings can be rejected if things aren't done correctly or if a water damage report is not assesed properly or badly presented. We'll make sure your claim is handled to perfection and assessed correctly by working closely with your insurers.

AquaKare will ensure your claim is handled right and your repair and restoration work is exactly how you want it to be.


Failure to find the source of a hidden leak in a property, whether it's located directly within the water system itself or related to a structural problem, can lead to lot of property water damage over time.

When you call us we'll immediately make arrangements with you to detect and stop the source or cause of your water damage. If you have already done this, we'll be able to tell how long it will take for us to clean up and restore your damage to perfect condition..


Leaks often present themselves in unusual ways, for example:  a break in a heating pipe situated within a concrete floor could lead to the inadequate function of a boiler, a slow leak inside a wall can show itself by emerging as mould or mildew.

We'll dry out the damage areas and work closley with you to bring things back to how you want them to be.

We'll even liaise with your insurers ensuring you get the right amount needed to cover all the costs of repairs leaving you completely hassle free. 


No matter what type of leak AquaKare will identify it's location using a number of techniques, including acoustic or thermal leak detection, endoscopy and water and salt analysis to name a few. Once we’ve found the source of ingress, we’ll provide fully guaranteed plumbing, drying, decontamination and repair services to return your property back to it's normal state in the shortest possible time.

We can also liase with your insurers to ensure they understand what needs to be repaired.

Most jobs are covered by your insurance company (please check your house insurance policy).

Call Us Now For House Water Damage Repairs - 01708 855 043

Drying Out

Using the best technology

AquaKare use the tastest and highest quality drying out equipment for water damage that is under the floors and in your walls.

Water Damage Repairs

Fast & skilled repair service

We have experienced workmen who can restore your water damaged property to its original state or to your requirements.

Loss Assessor & Claims

Insurance claims handled by us!

We have a greatbtrack record of handling your insurance claims and working with your insurance loss assessor so you have peace of mind.

Leak Detect

Water Damage

Drying Out Properties