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No.1 Property leak dection 99% found & fixed on the day,

We use the most sophisticated and accurate leak detection equipment to find leaks fast. Our techniques are designed to minimise damage to the surrounding area and ultimately reduce the costs of repair.

We also liaise with your insurers and so in most cases it wont cost
you a penny.

No.1 Choice for leak detection emergencies 

In older properties water supply is commonly fed through copper, lead or steel pipes. These are usually more susceptible to bursting which requires immediate attention before the situation gets worse disturbing the ground above it or even worse, damages your property. AquaKare have qualified leak detection engineers ready to respond to your emergency, we detect 99% of leaks on the day!

We use various techniques to locate the precise area of a leak:

Thermal Imagaing 

Infrared moisture detecting camera

Our engineers use this form of equipment when a leak in within a wall of panel. The source of the leak is identified by the camera infrared system.

Tracer Gas

A safe gas dispersed to detect leaks

Trace and access services sometimes use tracer gas to determine the source of a leak. Its fast and extremely accurate and is100% safe even around food,

Moisture Meters

Pin-type devices used on walls 

When a wall shows signs of damp or moisture, we use moisture meters to detect the extent of the water damage and to pinpoint the exact location of the leak,

Acoustic Detection

Using the principle of body-sound noise

With this method sophisticated detection technology is used through pipe mappinggand sound profiling for a depth of up 3 meteres through concrete, wood, soil & tarmac